Bow Mar

Bow Mar is (safely) open for business, and there are great and exciting events coming up.  Between sailing, swimming and tennis, there is a never dull moment in our neighborhood.
Beach clean-up is underway.  
As you know, rather than having everyone gather on a single day, we are spreading the work out over the first week of May.  You can sign-up here if you feel comfortable doing so, we would greatly appreciate your help!
*Please do not place any personal items in the dumpsters as we need all of the capacity for clean-up purposes.  
Directories and stickers will be distributed during Beach Clean-up or will be available for pick up at the Jumps home on May 15th. 
We would like to add thank Mike Fox, Tim Daily, Kristi Lucas and everyone else who made Blackouts possible this year. It was a different type of year, but still spectacular none the less.  Thank you all who made the 2021 Blackouts possible.
President’s Report
Snowmageddon - What to do during Denver snow days? The prospect of snow was thrilling...what to do during this time was quite another issue. Buy groceries....check! Buy more wine..check check! Attend the 54th Bow Mar Black Outs...check check check! Start planning Beach activities with Beach Manager Amanda Herrera..... check check check check! Ok so it wasn’t a typical month, but it was fun.
Let’s start with the COVID version of Blackouts. What a great event at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Sloans Lake. The pre-show was a fun walk down memory road of performances past followed by a great show of new material. Mixed in was food, drinks and being able to visit with Bow Mar neighbors. While we don’t (yet) have an official Bow Mar Emmy award program, hands down the most deserving awards go to the following:
●  Best Director – Tim Dailey
●  Best Cinematography – Mike Fox
●  Outstanding Host – Chris Murdy
●  Best Technical Direction – Kristi Lucas
Please join me in thanking these individuals and their entire supporting cast and team for the long hours they put in to pull this together. If you were unable to attend due to snow or spring additional showing of Blackouts will be held April 10th. Seating is still available.
Beach Operations - The snow from Snowmageddon melted so it seemed the right time to start beach planning. Beach Manager Amanda Herrera is back and so will most of her lifeguarding team. The fact that substantially all of her team is returning for their third year is a testament to Amanda’s style and dedication to our program. I was shocked to learn that the lifeguards oversee over 700 swim tests annually. Safety and proper training are key for BMOI and Amanda. We will be checking our equipment and reviewing policies and procedures over the next few months to make sure this summer is fun and safe. On the fun side, Amanda is already working on bringing new organized activities to families and kids over the summer. Given school schedules this spring, the Beach will open officially with lifeguards starting Memorial Day weekend.
Summer Fun – The BMOI Board met in March with both the Bow Mar Yacht Club and the Bow Mar Tennis Club. Both clubs have a summer-filled with adult and junior programs and social events. Look for more details coming on sign-up opportunities. We haven’t forgotten the need to be cognizant of COVID limitations but we are planning events on the basis of starting to get back to normal. All BMOI Board members, the BMYC, BMTC and others involved will work together to monitor events (and changes) to make it safe for all.
Hope to see you when Spring arrives.
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