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ACC Procedures/Guidlines
All plans for new building, remodeling, or landscaping must be submitted to this committee for approval prior to beginning construction. See Construction Procedures Section for the procedure for obtaining permission to build or remodel. Also see Bow Mar website.
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Construction of all buildings, structures and improvements on property in the town of Bow Mar is under the joint jurisdiction of Bow Mar Owners Inc. (BMOI) and the Town of Bow Mar. Authorization for all construction unless other-wise noted involves a 2-step process:
Step 1: Requires approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) of BMOI.
Step 2: Requires issuance of a Building Permit from the Town of Bow Mar. Exceptions: Landscaping modifications that can affect neighbors' views such as new shrubs and trees or which substantially alters existing landscaping, or property contours such as berms must be approved by the ACC but require only Step 1. Interior only modifications to structures require only Step 2 (Building Permit).
STEP 1 – Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Review
The Covenants state, “No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be commenced, erected, maintained or altered on the Property, or any portion thereof, until the building plans, specifications and plot plan, including, without limitation all shrubs and trees, have been approved in writing by the Homeowners Association.” ACC reviews each project for aesthetic harmony, exterior materials and colors, and evaluates conformance to setback, height and lot coverage. Due to varying site characteristics, each Application is reviewed solely on its own merit, independent from prior submittals. In cases where a variance is sought, ACC may make recommendations to the Town of Bow Mar Board of Trustees regarding any aesthetic harmony justification for the variance.
ACC Meetings
The ACC meets the second Tuesday of each month. A completed Application as listed below must be submitted to any member of ACC no later than the 24th day of the month preceding the monthly meeting at which the application is to be examined. The homeowner MUST be present at the ACC meeting for the project to be discussed.
Application Required Documentation (2 Copies)
1. ACC Guidelines and Application for Review form (Available from any ACC member)
2. Plot Plan Drawing, to scale, showing the proposed structure and/or modifications as it relates to the existing structure and its position on the property with exact
dimensions including; property lines, setback lines, existing and proposed lot contours and surface runoff flow plus relevant elevations of the structures and the lot. A registered survey is necessary for new construction and helpful for additions to prevent erroneous or estimated property boundaries. Distances from new structures and additions to the property lines and set back lines must be shown. Any buildings, structures or other improvements to be constructed in the 40 foot front, side or rear set back areas may require a variance from the Town of Bow Mar.
3. Floor Plan(s) Drawings to scale showing existing and proposed construction and associated floor area totals.
4. Roof Plan Drawing indicating existing and proposed construction.
5. Exterior Elevation Drawings of the four side views indicating to scale existing and proposed construction, materials, colors and elevation of roof ridge in relation to the highest approved ground point located on the front set back line of the property between the property's side lot lines. The top of roof height limit is 16 feet above this point for all properties except those on the isthmus, where it is 18 feet.
6. Exterior Color(s) description or samples. It is recommended that prior to extensive design effort and formal submittal, applicants consider attending an ACC meeting to provide the ACC with preliminary con-ceptual drawings or sketches. ACC approval is valid for 180 days. If construction has not commenced within this period, plans must be resubmit-ted to ACC for approval.
Step 2 – Building Permit
Upon ACC approval, Construction Plans and Specifications are submitted to the town of Bow Mar Building Commissioner for Building Permit. This involves “Plan Review” to assure conformance to applicable building codes. A “Plan Review” checklist is available from the Building Commissioner.
Required Documentation
1. (2) sets of Construction Drawings, including: Landscape/Civil, Architectural Mechanical/Electrical/ Plumbing, and Structural drawings, the latter to be stamped by a professional engineer with current State of Colorado licensure.
2. Soils test report.
3. A check for the permit made payable to “Townof Bow Mar.” This check needs to be submitted with the 2 sets of construction plans. Contact the building commissioner who will determine the amount of the permit check, which will be based on the value of the project. Periodic Inspections will be made on behalf of the Building Commissioner during construction to assure compliance with both the ACC's approved plans and with appli-cable building codes and Town of Bow Mar ordinances. Building Permits are valid for 360 days. If construction is not complete within this period, the Building commissioner may assess monetary penalties