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Beach Party Rules

All payment must be received within 24 hours of booking or the reservation will be deleted. 
Total number of guests for all beach parties (Pavilion, Tables, and Tennis Gazebo) cannot exceed 50 people at any given time.  Reservations are on a first come first serve basis after confirmation of payment is received.
All Members MUST accompany guests and remain with their guests.
A resident of Bow Mar who is NOT a BMOI member may not use or be a guest at the BMOI facilities or beach.
Members may extend limited use (no longer than 1 month) of the BMOI Facilities to houseguests or their nonresident children (under the age of 24) without the member being present by requesting a Guest Card from Membership Chairperson.  Guest Cards must be presented to lifeguards when accessing the Beach. Holders of Guest Cards may not bring guests or participate in BMOI sanctioned or organized activities.
More than six guests (if more than one family) comprises a Private Party which is governed by the Private Party Rules.
Private parties are only permitted on WEEKDAYS (Monday through 2PM Friday afternoon.)  Private parties are NOT permitted from 2PM Friday through Sunday night. NO EXCEPTIONS.
All parties must be scheduled 48 hours in advance.
BMOI has updated and clarified rules for private parties at the beach.  Members may use the BMOI website to reserve a party at only two locations: Beach Pavilion or Beach Tables.  Every other area of the beach cannot be reserved and is available on a “first come, first serve” basis. In addition, Members may not incorporate any of the following into their private parties at the beach: Bands, DJs, Food Trucks or Bouncy Houses.
The Gate is the responsibility of the host, not the lifeguard as they need to ensure safety at the Beach.  Hanging of access code on the gate is not allowable. The gate can only be opened by those authorized to do so.
Refunds are only accepted 48 hours before the scheduled date. No refunds after the party regardless of how many people show up.  Rain checks will be issued due to inclement weather, but only as a credit for a future party date.
No party can be reserved until payment is received.
The Member host must check in with the lifeguards before their party to verify payment, number of guests, location and time specifications.
Up to 25 Adults fee is $50;
Up to 25 people including Children under the age of 16 is $100
Over 25 people Fee is $200 (Cap of 25 kids under age 16)
Each family/household is entitled to schedule 2 parties per season.  Any more parties require BMOI board approval.