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About BMOI

BOW-MAR OWNERS, INC., more commonly known around Town as BMOI, is a separate and unique organization legally separated from the Town of Bow Mar.  BMOI was formed to “improve and beautify the area, to maintain the same as a desirable residential district, to develop and control all recreational facilities, to supervise and manage all land and water areas dedicated to the use of this organization, and to provide all services necessary to promote and advance the health and social welfare of the residents thereof.” 
The BMOI Charter establishes our purpose to operate a social club for the pleasure and recreation of our members including maintaining our tennis, sailing, swimming, picnic and other recreational facilities and activities.  BMOI, a Nonprofit Corporation, is organized in Colorado as a social club and is intended to qualify as an exempt organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Membership in Bow Mar Owners, Inc. is limited to those who own property or reside in the Town of Bow Mar; membership in BMOI is not mandatory.  We have a Legacy Membership for non-residents who had been members of BMOI for at least 15 years prior to moving away from the Town of Bow Mar.
2024 Board Members
President – Rob Dennis
Vice President – Prairie Robinson
Treasurer – Mark Reister
Secretary – Michelle Campbell
Lake and Marina – Todd Ramsden
Landscape- Theresa Fry
Beach Operations – Prairie Robinson
BMOI Social – Candy Ergen
Membership – Ned Rollhaus
Member Social – Rachel Wagner