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Welcome New Neighbors!

Welcome to Bow Mar!  Now that you live in this wonderful community, we would like to encourage you to join and become an active member of the Bow Mar Owners, Inc. (BMOI).  As you probably already know, BMOI is a social club separate from the Town of Bow Mar that supports the many activities in Bow Mar and is the governing organization for the lake, beach, picnic area, marina, boat lockers, and eight tennis courts.  The club also supports a variety of sports and social activities/events.  Membership is limited to residents of Bow Mar.
All BMOI properties and activities are for the exclusive use of the BMOI Members.  Please note that members may not take non-member residents to any BMOI area as guests, so if you wish to use the facilities, you must be a member.
We are delighted that you have moved here and hope that you will join BMOI, since to live in this singular community and not partake of its exceptional facilities would be a shame.  Please contact us at Membership@bowmarcolorado.com if you have any questions and/or want to discuss membership options.
Start your application process now by using the New Member Application link to the right.
New Membership Application